Saturday, September 17, 2016

Seton Ridge Bike

A quick two day trip to BC's Little Nugget to escape the rain in Squamish. The first day was spent doing a few laps of the Della Downhill and the 2nd day was back along the Duffy Lake Road on Seton ridge. Its a full on hike a bike for 2-3 hours to get to the alpine but once you are up there its great times. A night out in town was a perfect reprieve and made us forget all about plans of going to the Chilcotins. With the newly formed LOCA (Lillooet Offroad Cycling Association) look for more good things on the dry side of the Coast Mountains.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hutting on the Duffey With a Turd Generation

I love sunny September days in the mountaains. The forecast looked....perfect so I traded out of a shift at work and got ready to head to the mountains with the family. I have a fascination with the Eastern side of the Coast Mountains, especially on the other side of the Duffey Lake road, the mountains are a bit more arid, with a red hue that really pops in the crisp fall air. Its a long way from Squamish so day trips aren't always worth it but we had a few days, so off we went. We are in a bit of a calm period right now for hiking with the kids. Remy is just happy to be along for the ride, while Arlo is happy in is backpack and enjoys discussing philosophy and seeing how many adjectives that he can use to describe large boulders. He likes to walk on his own a little bit but you only cover about 100m in an hour so independent hiking is discouraged. After about 10km up the logging road we headed up a faint trail that was better marked than we anticipated. An easy river crossing was followed by some difficult boulder gardens. Note; carrying kids and full packs over Smart Car sized rocks is not ideal. The trail was relatively flat and followed a creek for the first hour and half before climbing quickly to the alpine and our cozy accommodation. Our Grizzly Bear encounter the week before had made us a bit wary, and since this area was known to have a lot more than around Squamish, so we made lots of noise and brought some bear spray. I was 95% sure that I knew where we were going but the two minutes before the hut came into view were a little bit anxious as I don't think think that anyone was interested in a trip back to the car that day. It took us about 2.5 hours to get to the hut with a stop for lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, napping and hiking to some of the many alpine tarns in the area, it was truly a perfect afternoon. Arlo and Remy were both gems, it was great to see Arlo entertaining himself without any toys around. Sarah, Remy and I went for a hike to look over the col into the Stein Valley, a huge provincial park that escaped logging. As expected, Ganny Annie came through with a great pasta dinner, pasta and gluten free two bite brownies(????). Nobody slept much, the next morning we went out for one more little hike above the hut before heading back down to the car. It took Thanks so much to Anne and David for making the trip, we definitely wouldn't have made it without you!
That, is a nice ass.   

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jim Habrel Hut with every Tom's Dick and Barry

Fourteen backcountry skiers from Ontario armed with years of stories went to celebrate Tom's last ski days as a single man, hopefully not last ski days ever. The Jim Habrel hut is located at 2030m on the Serratus - Dionne col about a 6 minute helicopter ride from the Squamish airport, it is a simply spectacular location. This amazing alpine setting makes good weather a necessity when visiting this hut, the surrounding terrain is almost entirely glaciated and travel in whiteout conditions would be almost impossible. We very lucky to be graced with great, almost tshirt weather for our three days up there aside from a bit of a SW wind on day one. On that first day the mountains were alive as we watch cornice drop after cornice drop start slides on all aspects 'summer was winning'. Many thanks to the organizers of this wonderful trip. 

Gentlemen of an extraordinary pedigree

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Stadium in the Backyard

It was great to explore some of the classic lines in an area so close to home that has been inaccessible during the winter for so long. Last year even with the Gondola in place, the snow was so poor at lower elevations that there was no hope in getting turns in here. This year is a different story. Paul, Mike and I were in the parking lot at the crack of 9:30am  under a mostly great but good visibility day. It took us about an hour and a half to get to the bottom of the skiing slope before the skin track got steep and a bit slick. At the Habrich - Skypilot col we headed right towards the Stadium gl. Almost immediately after the col there is a rather steep slope that has to be skinned that would not be great in higher avalanche conditions. After reaching the top of this slope the views really open up and the terrain becomes undulating. We climbed as high as we could on the glacier and got a lovely run down on 20cm of snow. Back at the gondola station by 3:30pm, only to be disappointed that the bar wasn't open.
Yes Paul, we know that is where we came from. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sking the Sea to Sky Gondola - Never Miss Albert's First Day

If you only got out once in December, this was a good day to choose. It just started dumping on the approach above the and the stable snowpack enabled us to ski a great open pitch. We were not to enthusiastic about the skin up the open slope initially however. Its too bad that the tree skiing is a bit short in this area because the spacing of the trees is fantastic. 
Albert not showing any rust

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Birken Awesome

A good start to winter on the Coast is just what we needed, Wednesday me Greg, Cam and Mags headed out to the Birkenhead area in hopes to find some snow that was spared Tuesday's monster outflow winds. The major problem with skiing in the Birkenhead Area are the long approaches and lack of plowed roads to a good starting elevation. Luckily early season you can make it pretty high on some of the logging roads (getting up is the easy part). The snow really was fantastic, consistent and very light shin deep powder. 
Short days make for some great light in the alpine - looking good here Cam