Monday, December 13, 2010

Where we want to be...

The dock on the Magnetawan River in central Ontario!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cypress Peak - Not The Ski Hill!

Sarah, Chris, Mark and I headed up the Roe Creek forest service road (FSR) for a fall hike up Cypress Peak. A sunny day in Autumn with no bugs and fresh snow at higher elevations is hard to beat, especially when there is a group from '' with obvious power struggles hiking beside us. The road was good for 2wd, we only needed to push once. I tried to return to ski about 2 weeks later and there was more than a meter of snow on the road. There was about 7cm of fresh snow once we go to about 1600M making everything look amazing in the sunshine. With just us and one other group there this is a great hike that will generally be a lot less busy than something like Garibaldi Lake.

Cypress Peak, after the experience with the ice covered waterfall, this is as far as we decided to go. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Garibaldi Lake

Sarah moved to BC and then I promptly left town for a week for work, upon my return I wanted to make sure that we had a really good weekend. A few calls later to Heidi and Mark and it turned out pretty well! Garibaldi Lake  has a really well defined and marked  trail that is easy follow at night, so we were not too concerned about the 6pm Friday start. 
Arriving at Lesser Garibaldi Lake in the dark

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chilcotin Bike Day 2 - Tyaughton Creek

Day two started with some yachting on Spruce lake, coupled with some unsuccessful fishing. The camp was a bike shop that morning with everyone fixing things up from the ride the day before. It was certainly a slow start to the day which killed our chance of a long ride. Everyone set out up Tyaughton Creek crossing the freezing creek on several occasions along the way. We passed a group of people doing a horse supported trip which is a good idea for next year! A lot of the trails traversed the sides of hills with steep drop offs on one side, keeping us on edge the whole way.
That is a real live cowboy

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chilcotin Bike Day 1 - Spruce Lake Luggage Fly In

Starting business school on Tuesday, the best thing to is to get as far away from civilization for a while and head to the Chilcotins for some single track. Now I really only started Mtn Biking this year but I knew enough that this would be a great trip. There is so much to see in the South Chilcotins and I have no illusions that this trip did anymore than simply scratch the surface. The plan was to fly our things in by float plane to Sprice Lake, while we biked in, we would then do a day trip the next day and bike out via "High Trail" on the last. 
After crazy drive during which we saw forest fires, tumbleweed and wildlife we got a flat tire and spent the night at the Golddust Hotel in Goldbridge. It was as good as it sounds, the receptionist is also the nightly entertainment. Goldbridge doesn't have much commerce (or any really) but it does have a tire shop and the flat was fixed first thing and we were off to Tyax Lodge to get ready to load up the plane to fly our luggage in. 
All smiles dropping our bags off at the dock to get flown into Spruce Lake

Chilcotin Bike Day 3 - High Trail to Lick Creek

The last day of the trip is what riding in the Chilcotins is all about, getting up into the alpine and enjoying the smooth single track with spectacular views of the red tinged mountains. 

A rare flat spot on the way up to Windy Pass

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Climbing Mt Baker

Mt Baker is Vancouver's Mt. Fuji. At 3285M this strato volcano is far higher than any other mountain near the lower mainland, it huge mass volume and height creates micro climates all around it by stalling pacific storms making it one of the snowiest places on earth. In 1999 the ski hill its flanks 14km form the summit received a world record 1140inches of snow (more than 30m) a world record. Some photo credits to Martin Naroznik and Dan Friedman.

Baker from Bellingham Bay

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spearhead Traverse

The Spearhead Traverse is British Columbia's most popular Ski Traverse. For 35km skiers are treated to magnificent views, and great skiing while maintaining an elevation of more than 2000m. It follows the Spearhead and Fitzimons Ranges and connects Whistler and Blackcomb without taking the Peak to Peak The trip is possible in a long long day however making it a two or three day jaunt makes it much more enjoyable for us mere mortals. Many photo credits to Mike Conlon and Kyle Eckhardt