Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chilcotin Bike Day 3 - High Trail to Lick Creek

The last day of the trip is what riding in the Chilcotins is all about, getting up into the alpine and enjoying the smooth single track with spectacular views of the red tinged mountains. 

A rare flat spot on the way up to Windy Pass
Muscles in some pain from the previous two days we looked forward to more down than up on the last day. To get to that down however we had to climb up over High Trail (about the equivalent of the grouse grind carrying a bike). Half the group took the smooth ride out Gun Creek and were not disappointed at all with their choice. The ride through Eldorado basin was truely amazing, smooth single track. Down Lick Creek was more of the same with unforgettable views the whole way. A few places were a bit sandy but not very many at all. There were some lower trails developed at the bottom of Lick Creek too that I was almost to tired from the day to enjoy!
Up Up Up, the last pitch

Happy Campers

A little snow left, even in early September!

Mark and Kaye

Claire through the autum alpine medows

Heading down the Lick Creek trail

Joel, Andre, Marc, Claire, Kaye, Me

Elevation Profile


  1. Hi there - appreciate very much your story and photos. I am doing the same ride later in September and am looking for GPS data for these trails - did you perhaps have any that you could share? If so I could connect by email with you. Thanks.

  2. Hi Ted, see if you can download it from this link: (I think this is the right one. If not shoot me a note at