Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chilcotin Bike Day 1 - Spruce Lake Luggage Fly In

Starting business school on Tuesday, the best thing to is to get as far away from civilization for a while and head to the Chilcotins for some single track. Now I really only started Mtn Biking this year but I knew enough that this would be a great trip. There is so much to see in the South Chilcotins and I have no illusions that this trip did anymore than simply scratch the surface. The plan was to fly our things in by float plane to Sprice Lake, while we biked in, we would then do a day trip the next day and bike out via "High Trail" on the last. 
After crazy drive during which we saw forest fires, tumbleweed and wildlife we got a flat tire and spent the night at the Golddust Hotel in Goldbridge. It was as good as it sounds, the receptionist is also the nightly entertainment. Goldbridge doesn't have much commerce (or any really) but it does have a tire shop and the flat was fixed first thing and we were off to Tyax Lodge to get ready to load up the plane to fly our luggage in. 
All smiles dropping our bags off at the dock to get flown into Spruce Lake

I should have gone with the bags in the float plane

Classic Chilcotin Single Track

The beer (and sleeping bags) have arrived

We got lost at the first turn and climbed unnecessarily for 30minutes, luckily the trail that we were supposed to be on was was much better to bike on by contrast! The gun creek trail climbs steadily for 13km into spruce lake, although these numbers don't seem that large, its a long ride all uphill. We went through a thunderstorm and apparently Tyax Air flies in anything as we saw them overhead as we were looking for shelter. Most of the trail follows gun creek but the last few km are in the open alpine with great views. On this cool early september day there is fresh snow on some of the mountain tops. Arrive at camp, set up, enjoy warmed up chocolate chip cookies on the grill over a fire, I think we've arrived in heaven. 
Lovely lady by a lovely lake..

I wish I could take credit for this idea. 

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