Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cypress Peak - Not The Ski Hill!

Sarah, Chris, Mark and I headed up the Roe Creek forest service road (FSR) for a fall hike up Cypress Peak. A sunny day in Autumn with no bugs and fresh snow at higher elevations is hard to beat, especially when there is a group from '' with obvious power struggles hiking beside us. The road was good for 2wd, we only needed to push once. I tried to return to ski about 2 weeks later and there was more than a meter of snow on the road. There was about 7cm of fresh snow once we go to about 1600M making everything look amazing in the sunshine. With just us and one other group there this is a great hike that will generally be a lot less busy than something like Garibaldi Lake.

Cypress Peak, after the experience with the ice covered waterfall, this is as far as we decided to go. 

On the way up ROE Creek FSR
Rocks were not so bad on the way up...on the way down was a different story. This hike would be a lot better in spring when the rocks are covered you can slide down!

Note, stay right and avoid scaling ice covered waterfall. 

Into the alpine, apt 901 V2. - I'm sure they are very nice people, but the group name is just too easy. Also, they argues about which way to go the entire way up. 

Me and Mr. Mark looking in to the Squamish River Valley

Nice legs Sylvester

We wished we had brought our skis!

The river draining the basin melted the underside of this snowfield to create a neat cave. Note at this point Sarah and
Mark abandoned me and Chris and showed no regard for our safety. 

Don't worry, we saved Sarah from the cave even though she abandoned us. Knees and quads were exhausted by the end of the hike from all of the rocks. A drive for a beer at the Howe Sound Brewpub is a great way to end a day

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