Monday, April 18, 2011

Morocco Bike 3 - Agdz to Zagora Piste in the Draa Valley

Biking right from our mud walled kasbah hotel we start down the draa vally the first 17km are on a paved rd and we make good tome passing villages full if kids on the way to school which is a total of 48 hours over six day a week in morocco!
The road deteriorated to a piste and rose and fell along the wall of the valley. Despite being a route with similar starting and ending elevations we finished the day with over 1400 m of climbing. 

The story of this day was really the villages, all very basic made out of mud brick with no visible commerce, it took us until 2 pm to realize that we were not going to find a place to stop to eat at in any of these town, leaving us to cycle in the middle of the day in the desert heat ughhhhh. At this point we crossed the river to the more populated side of and found a place to rest. 
In the Afternoon it becomes increasingly evident that there is a severe lack of candy, money and writing utensils amongst the kids of morocco as every kid we pass assumes that we are carrying a trunk full of pens to give out to them.  We finish the day by getting lost in the "Palmerie" (the maze of palm trees shading the crops in the valley bottom) before making it to the highway N9 to hail a grand taxi to Zagora. We finally catch pokeroo and find he first beer of the trip, unfortunately I have heat sickness so badly I can't really enjoy it.  
Second half of the day, white line is our route

Overlooking Draa Vally

Typical town

We crossed this road, it was very tempting to take as I was pretty sun baked by this point. 

It was fruitless telling these kids that they were riding the donkey wrong. 

Getting lost in the Palmerie

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