Sunday, April 17, 2011

Morocco Bike 2 - Ait Benhadou to Agdz via Piste to Tizgui

A "grand taxi" Ie old yellow Benz ride through ouarzazette with mohammed we pick up supplies and drive through the rock filled arid landscape to the beginning of the 'piste' to tzgui, our first crack at the dirt tracks. It is amazing, the scenery that we didn't think we could beat from yesterday got even better, a great gradual decent for 20km we head to the ouzud tzgui (waterfall) carefully attended by Armen who has clearly been there for a long time and is so set in his ways he has a monopoly on all the shade in the oasis with his sitting areas so we really have no choice but to join him for tea and lessons about how to act properly in a waterfall oasis 

After lunch we head into town to get more water we had defended down to 1000m and it was hot very hot. We may have over estimated the towns reliance on capitalism as it turned out there was only one store in town and it had to be opened to serve us, we would have never found it were it not for some school children who happily showed the way. Getting water was a relief, so much though that we didn't care that we had to push the bikes through a river valley for the next two km to get back to the rd. Again amazing scenery. 
Bikes in the back of a Mercedes 240 sedan aka a "grand taxi" - these guys would go anywhere for you so they became the preferred mode of transport.  
Getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere..and praying we did not forget anything important..
The day ahead
Great decent!
An Oasis for lunch, kept a close eye on our bikes (top right) there was a guy who had put blankets down in every possible shaded area so that you had no choice to pay him. 
The piste begins to deteriorate
It got really bad once we hit this riverbed but gorgeous views all around. 
Hard to believe that this area isnt in the guide books for Morocco

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