Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas Sarah the Making of a SplitBoard

My Lovely girlfriend has moved west and its time to get her into the backcountry, the only problem being, shes a snowboarder. Not wanting to spend $1k on a factory made splitboard, I bought a Volle Split Kit online and looked into making my own. I scoured craigslist for a used snowboard with a wood core that would be up for the test and found one made by Burton, I couldn't help you with the name of the model (let me know if you know).

Burton or Forum Snowboard from Craigslist (snowboards are all the same)
Measure 100 times cut once

Who says safety can't be incredibly stylish. 
The tools of the trade, a $30 power saw. 
Ta da! perfect cut (if looking from 2m)
One thing about Sarah is that she is nosy, she barged in and ruined the surprise. 
Sealing the cut edge with epoxy and varnish. 
Installing the front hooks, I cut a little deep in spots
Look for the balance point to decide where to put the middle bracket
Hammering carefully
Plates on hinges installed!

Snowbaord for the way down
Skis for the way up!

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