Friday, April 15, 2011

Planes planes planes trains and Marrakech's best taxi driver

Thirty hours of traveling was made bearable by a two things; firstly was a the 33 year old Spanish last who was returning from visiting her 18 year old boyfriend in toronto. They met on the Internet, chatted for two years and by the time she found out he wasn't old enough to remember bad 80s music she was too in love to care. The second is Air Canada's excellent choice in onboard entertainment options Ie game 3 of the 1987 Canada cup final Canada vs the soviet Union. Watching Gretzky in his prime was almost as good as the bad tv graphic and the hairstyle and fashion choices of the Hamiltonian fans. Canada started the game with a line of lemiuex gretztky messier with coffey and Bourque on defense.

The great one in his prime...
I flew into Casablanca to save money and had to take a train to Marrakech, lugging the bike box along with me. Not sure if it was worth it the $300 savings to do so but alas..

Casablanca train station
Day in marrekech was spent with my cousins who were councidentally in town at the club med at the same time and a taxi driver named Omar who was pretending to be mg friend for money. Omar and I did a few trips together to organize our ride for the following day up to the tiz n tichka pass Omar tried to explain to me theins and outs of the taxi business in Marrakech he made fun of his friends by calling them George Bush and Barrack Obama, they made fun of him by calling him Osama Bin Laden (note this is pre death). Tyne arrive and attempt number one of getting beers in a Muslim country is unsuccessful.

Put the bikes together, found somewhere to stow the rest of our stuff while we went biking and off we went!

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