Monday, April 18, 2011

Skiing in the desert stinks but foozeball with Moroccans doesn't

A few days off to lick our wounds and to stay out of the moroccan sun. For some reason we decided that not all piles of sand are made equal and took a cab 350km to merzouga to see the dunes there. Merzouga is a bleak bleak grey town that I would not want to spend more than one day in. When we arrived the wind was blowing the sand everywhere making it very unpleasant, even more unpleasant becasue we were sleeping in a "Berber Tent" that was full of sand, dust, birds, mosquitoes and the sound of large Belgian fellows snoring.

This Cabbie was nuts, constantly yelling in very conversation that  he had but somehow smiling at the same time. The guy in the back is his cousin, technically we rented the whole cab but apparently family members don't count.

Never sleep in a sand filled Berber tent to save $3


"Siad" reminded my of an overgrown child.

 The next morning we were up at sunrise and took Camel rides to see the dunes and to ski down them on some of the gear that we rented from a guy who must be the largest single owner of ski equipment on the continent. Skiing on sand is not nearly as fun as it looks, there is a reason that there are no resorts set up in the desert. Another cab came to pick us up and take us to Erfoud where we picked up a missing piece of my bike, received death threats, joined a turbaned store owner fro mint tea (a Moroccan specialty) and caught a bus to Boulemene Dades.

Merzouga Dunes

Next stop,winter x-gmaes.
Freshies? Not as fun as it looks

After another failed attempt to find beer in the Muslim country failed  and we ended up in a Moroccan arcade playing foosball against some 13 year old cigarette smoking locals. We won the first few games and by the third were surrounded by at least 25 kids wanting to beat the white guys, and they did.

Boulemene Dades, home of the famous Dades Gorge - we missed it. 

The kid in the turban had game. 

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