Saturday, April 16, 2011

Morocco Bike 1 - Tiz n Tichka to Ait Benhadou

Dropped off at
2300m at the tiz n tichka pass where of course there are about 5 souvineer shops where local Berbers tried to sell us fossils Aka heavy rocks to take with us, we politely declined. 

The decent begins nervously as it was both our first times with paniers, perhaps a busy highway in the high atlas was a poor choice for a test run. 

4km later we take the turn off to air benhadou via teluoet the road is comparatively empty and defends slowly into the green valley below. Despite the hours of research, the scenery is way better than I could have imagined, green terraced fields red rock gorges and snow capped mountAins in the background 

We are still up at 1700m High at a 'cool' 27 degrees but as we are covered head to toe excluding our shins it feels a lot hotter a few hours later we arrive at teleout for lunch on a roof ' terrace panoramic' and get our first taste of Moroccan food it was amazing( salad, tagine, rice with almonds) and has yet to be beat on the trip. 

The afternoon starts off with a climb back up to 1800m before alternating climbs and recents that would leave us as 1400m after the next 42km to ait benhadou . A strong and gusty head wind develops that we would learn that we would not miss for the rest of the trip. 

A quick climb up to the top of the apparently famous kasbah. At ait benhadou and we sleep pretty good!
Jumped of the buss and after making sure that our bikes were ok, and avoiding Morocan's who actually tried to sell us fossils (we politely explained to them that we were not exactly looking for extra weight at the time) we hit the road and tried not to fall off!

Snow capped atlas mountains

Image of the first day, lots of decent! (also skipped the first ascent)

Dear Asian friends, I may or may not be making fun of you here. 

Best salad i've ever had, the shade was a treat)

First climb after lunch

See Tyne on switchback below, the we followed the strip of green for the rest of the day, the contrasts in colours were amazing. 

After battling a headwind for a few hours and negotiating hard for the hotel room we arrive at our hotel with a view of the apparently famous Kasbah of Ait Benhadou. 

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