Sunday, June 19, 2011

Elfin Lakes Bike

The hut at Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Park is the busiest in SW BC, its packed with skiers (and mostly) snowshoers all winter long. The shallow approach makes it perfect for beginners. Luckily enough, BC Parks has made this one of the two accesses to Garibaldi Park open to mountain bikers and those willing to endure the two hours of punishment on the way up are treated to unbelievable views.
Not a bad place for a bike ride.
 The dirt road that seems so gradual on skis is actually just about as steep as a mountain bike can handle. The loose gravel makes biking frustrating at times and the climb of nearly 500m up to the Red Heather shelter is arduous and its debatable whether it would be faster hiking! From Red heather there is just a little bit of up left over Paul Ridge and Round Mountain before a mostly downhill slop down to the lakes

There was pushing on the way up...
Taking a rest to enjoy the views
Still smiling!
Not much wind in the alpine meant for a lot of bugs, not sure what they were called but certainly vicious. Luckily they subsided by the lake a bit. We contemplated continuing on for a hike past the shelter but decided against it, another day. A swim in the lake (pond) was refreshing to say the least. Neither of us could last more than 4 seconds but apparently we are wimpy as a 2o year old girl made it all the way across at a leisurely pace.

Lots of snow for late July
Elfin Ponds down below
The way back was great with only the short climb out of the lakes and a decent from the top of paul ridge all the way tot he car. By this time the bugs had gotten much worse and we were very happy that we had our bikes to fly right by them!

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