Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Summer Ski

With a great El Nina year, and a ton of snow remaining in the alpine in late July, we headed up to Cypress Peak (between Squamish and Whistler, not the ski hill in Vancouver) for a late July ski. I had been here once previously on a hike in October and had wished I had brought my skis to ski the NW flank.

After spending the night before in whistler being celebrities and sleeping in his Volkswagon Wesfalia, greg and I met up with Tom for a relatively early start. It was a bit of a difficult climb through stee sections as the top crust was melting and not bonding to the pack below. All in all a great july day!
Signing Autographs after a hard day of the BC Bike Race

Looking at our destination

Tom in his camouflage, it was a little warm up there
Tricouni, Garibaldi, The Barrier in the background

Lady Bugs on the Peak?

Sweet July turns off the backside
Pretty much an expert
Still needs some work
Skiing in front of a waterfall

A 12km epic race down the logging road, its ok Tom, you will get me next time. 
Camping off of the Chance Crek FSR with Luc, Pascal and the crew to finish off the night. 

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