Friday, November 11, 2011

Deep POWDER Asulkan Cabin Rogers Pass Remembrance Day

The deepest snow that I have ever skied was Remembrance Day weekend 2011. The best part about it was that it just kept snowing the entire time so our tracks would be filled in from the day before, even the run before! A similar group had booked the hut the year prior but were disappointed by a heater that wasn't working and a lack of snow.

We left Vancouver on thursday morning very early, drove the 8 hours and began the ~3.5 hour hike up to the hut. It was pretty easy going until it got dark cold and windy for the last 30 minutes, being dehydrated did not help either.

It snowed all day and night Friday, Saturday and Sunday - the snow got lighter and lighter as the weekend went on which made us not want to leave on the last day. We ventured above the hut into the alpine just once only to be greeted by whiteout conditions and heavy heavy winds. The other half of the cabin was rented by a crew from Kelowna that we look forward to seeing again next year (some photos taken from them and most of the rest from Francois, video by Tom).



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