Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mt Taylor

As this ski season is taking awhile to get going, I thought I would post a few shots from some of the better days last year.

We had a great crew to head up Mt  Taylor early March last year. It had rained pretty high a few days earlier so were not sure what type of skiing we would get. The way up through the clear-cut and the lower trees was pretty tough going with a thin layer of snow on a firm and slippery unbreakable crust. Once we got a little higher however, the conditions started to take shape. Its a bit of a slog up through the trees to get the open bowl and boulder field - I had done it once before a few years ago, we ended up going higher than we needed to that time and skiing down to the opening - bear right to avoid this.
Great Goats Bearded Forest on the way up