Friday, September 13, 2013

Brohm Ridge Bike

I've spent lots of time researching great spots around the province to mountain bike in the alpine yet hadn't done one that was so close to home, Brohm Ridge. Brohm ridge runs directly west from the Garibaldi Massif, the volcanic complex looking over Squamish from the North.

We started around 9am and headed up to the Cat Lake turn off - for some reason I had a brain mishap and took the Brohm Creek FSR rather than continuing on the Cheekeye FSR. There is a bridge out on the Brohm Creek FSR making us start our ride at around 1000m in elevation rather than at the gate at 1380m. Adding 380m to any ride will tire you out, especially when it is on steep loose logging roads covered in baby heads (small boulders).

After reaching the gate at 1380m you descend slightly before climbing back up to the snowmobile cabin at 1500m - a great spot for lunch. The next few km are quite steep, its hard to say how much of it would be bikeable with fresh legs but we were fairly lazy / tired from the needlessly extended climb earlier that we pushed a lot of it.

Once up on the ridge itself the views open up and it is a spectacular place to ride. Initially there are a few different routes that can be taken, but they all converge to a band of single track eventually. Again this single track is pretty steep and necessitates some pushing at times. The mud in the alpine is different than the mud that coats Squamish's legendary single track in the valley bottom, it is extremely slippery making accent of steeper slopes and descent of cross slopes treacherous.

Our Rides with the Tantalus Range in the background
Up on the Ridge

That's a skinny dog
Onwards and Upwards
I blew out a side wall traversing some shale between the well worn trail, certainly something to note when you are up there. Luckily inserting a energy gel wrap on the inside of the tire did a more than adequate job patching it.

It took us about an hour and a half of moving time to get from the snowmobile cabin to our turnaround point at the edge of Garibaldi Park. It is certainly hike able further over a ridge and up a shale slope to the edge of the glaciers on the North side of Mt Garibaldi but we used the dog as an excuse to turn around.

The sled dog loves the snow

View of Squamish and Howe Sound
Just because he is skinny, doesn't mean he isnt strong

Mt Garibaldi is the backdrop all day
I love that bike...
Short hike past park boundary
Mags be careful
The ride down the ridge was quick and a ton of fun, from the end of the ridge you can pick your way down to the snowmobile cabin on any number of dirt bike trails, this riding is not nearly as fun as on the ridge though.

All in all a fantastic local trip - probably best during the week as it would probably be a bit noisy during the weekend with dirt bikes.

Great Day


  1. Looks like I could easily get my Alberta 4WD truck along that ridge. Good bushes to throw beer cans into as well.


  2. Nice. I've always wanted to bike up there, only been up there in winter.