Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bagging Brandywine

As much as I like doing solo trips or trips with a small group where we can get somewhere far and fast, my favourite time in the mountains is by far when we get a great big group of people together. It all lined up on a sunny day in October for a group hike. We had aimed to go for a stroll in Tricouni meadows south however the bridge over the Cheakamus River was being worked on so we were forced to our backup of brandywine meadows. We drove the Delica, with seven people in it, all the way up to the Snowmobile Cabin, I was proud.

We walked through the meadows, it felt a little bit like we were a dog walking group with the four dogs we had there. Our goal was to make the nearest ridge top so that everyone could get a good view. The snow started around 1700m from the October storm that we had.  A few people turned back after a snack on some boulders part way up. Instead of taking the normal route up we decided to scale a small steep and slippery gully, my 4 months pregnant wife included. Sarah, Martha and Cassie had enough when the outing changed from hiking to Arctic exploring at the ridge top. A few of us continued to the short non technical climb to the summit. Great day!

Dogs and people, but mostly dogs

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hutt'n on The Duffy

In October I had a few mid week days off and had the itch for an bit of an adventure so I loaded up the dog, my bike and some hiking gear and headed up to the Duffy Lake rd to look for a hut that I could use in the winter to ski out of.  I'd only scratched the surface of this area without snow and I was looking forward to seeing what else it had to offer. When the weather is good in October I think its the best time of year to be in the mountains; no bugs, fall colours, and a crisp feeling  in the air.

I'd wanted to head here for a few winters but had never found the time. Stories of people not being able to find it because it had been covered in snow up to the stove pipe discouraged me from trying, so why not a summer recon trip. The summer route involved a fair amount of time on logging roads so I thought that bringing my bike might be a good idea - that ended up being debatable.