Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Callaghan Country

My Parents came out to visit this past weekend and kindly took Sarah and I \ up to the Journeyman Lodge in the Upper Callaghan Valley. We took the snowmobile shuttle in - hoping to run over Tom McCarthy  on his XC skis in the process, it almost worked. Arrived around noon on Saturday and went for a ski with Sarah who is 7 months pregnant and still races me up the hill! My parents were on a three day guided ski touring escape put on by Guillame from  Squamish based Coast Mountain Guides. After the nearly a meter of snow last weekend it got very windy around here and subsequently very warm so ski conditions were a bit challenging, that being said, its tough to beat a sunny day in the mountains!

We arrived back  for appetizers and self serve cocktails in the gorgeous Journyman lodge. My parents got back from their day just after us, apparently the night before the rolled in just as it was getting dark - talk about getting your money's worth from the guide! It was great to see my parents, they had been out here from Sunny Sunridge Ontario since Wednesday but I had not seen them yet because i'd be working evenings and they had been skiing during the days. The four course meal at the lodge was great, we all fell asleep early in anticipation of the next day. 

On Sunday I took my mother's place with the guided group, I was looking forward to learning a lot from the guide. Despite having been ski touring for about 8 years now, I like to think that I know my limitations and never miss a chance to learn from others who are more experienced or have different points of view on the snowpack, Guiomme was certainly knowledgeable and made  even my father feel safe which is no east task. The day was great, with sunshine and warm temps in the alpine, once again the skiing wasn't great but this trip certainly opened my eyes to the vast amount of terrain in the area for the future. I elected to ski out via mainline, it took a little under 40 minutes to go the 13.5km of mostly downhill. If you skate ski with you touring skis you should only have to put your skis on once, climbing out of Callaghan Lake. 
Sarah - 7 months pregnant and still beating me up the skin track
Many people keep asking me if its a boy or girl, but they are missing the important question of whether its a skier or

This could be one of those shampoo commercials where the woman shakes her hair and the curls bounce everywhere

Homemade splitboard - season number four

Look at that form

Just before she does a 360 over that tree well
"What the hell was I thinking?"
"This is all your fault"
"I need some wine, how quickly can I get to the spa"
"See ya"

Room with a view
The next day my mother decided to go XC skiing with Sarah, I took her place with the group

Guillame in front - digging out the switchbacks
Father making his way up through the sunshine on this gorgeous day

Father and I 

Father tearing it up!
Journyman Lodge

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