Saturday, February 15, 2014

Duffy Lake Rd - Chief Pascal

I cannot believe that it took until mid Feb to get out skiing on the Duffy. It snowed all week and with heightened avalanche danger we wanted to find somewhere safe to go with good skiing, Chief Pascal fit that bill nicely. The Delica chugged up the Duffy in about  an hour and a half from Squamish. Of note, there were ZERO cars in the Joffre Lakes parking lot, good to see that people were avoiding some of the more exposed terrain accessed from this point. We originally had seven + the dog in our group but three decided to break off and go ski some trees elsewhere. We headed up the Cerise creek trail  with Mags leading the way despite my best efforts to try to get her to calm down to conserve her energy. This was the deepest day that I had taken the dog on yet, and I was a little worried that she would be exhausted by the end of the day or just get stuck one of the many tree wells that had formed with the recent storm snow. The skin up was steep but not too technical and the new snow made for good grip. The trees on the E facing slope were a bit tight to have any good turns in especially with the low snow pack (about 1M more is needed to cover all of the deadfall).
Duffy Lake

It took about two hours from the car to gain the ridge where we got a great view E towards Duffy Lake. As soon as we got up there the pronounced whumphing and snow settling started - some of the loudest I've ever heard. We dug a put at around 1800m N facing - two compression tests yielding very different results - mine CTM 7 and Corey's CTE 4 - We assume the proper results are somewhere in between. Our first run we followed the ridge back toward where we came from - some really good turns but still al little tight to really get going. We were also very happy with the stability on the first run, no small slabs or even sluffs off of the layer of note. We climbed back up and had a real good look at the more open trees on the North facing slope. Parts of the slope had already slid in the last storm and we noticed that there were some ridges of mature trees that would be safe if anything slid. We elected to stay on them and had a fantastic run, so good that we went up for another one that we followed all the way down to a logging rd that contoured around the mtn. It was about a 45 minute skin back to the car, we arrived just as it was getting dark. Three hours of driving to a 1990's soundtrack in the snow and a stop at Mile One made it a late return home. Great day!
Corey heading up
Mags looking for some attention, or for someone to take her home
Tin Tin  ripping down
Corey please keep your knees together next time

Back at the Van just at dark

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