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Revelstoked - Brock Dock Ski Trip Ep 4

Somehow I lived with four individuals at University in Kingston who took up an interest in backcountry skiing. Now I can't say that I still like all of these individuals but it certainly is convenient that we have the same interests. About every other year since we finished up at Queen's we have gotten together for a ski generally alternating between Revelstoke and the Coast. This year it was Reveltsoke and timing seemed to be pretty good with the mid winter drought having ended a week prior and some clearish days in the forecast.

That a boy James

There had been a lot of talk about what 'drought layer' had done to the snow pack so we were going to be pretty cautious and didn't really have any illusions of getting up high on to anything open. A quick summary of the trip:

Day 1:  Harolds Dinner Kamloops
Day 2:  RMR inbounds
Day 3: Canada vs. USA Olympic Hockey - Grizzly Shoulder
Day 4: McGill Shoulder
Day 5: Gold Medal Game - Monshees - Harolds

The Coquhalla was closed on the way there so we had to take highway 1, a gorgeous drive but it takes a lot longer. Stopped at Harolds Dinner on the way there "You don't get to be the best because you are the oldest, you get to be the oldest because you are the best." We stayed at the Best Western Plus in Revelstoke, a liquor store, hot tub in the hotel and a shuttle to downtown, what more could you ask for? Every time I go to RMR I have a blast, that being said this was the first true powder day that I had had on the hill and it was reaaaaaally good. Such good spacing in the glades, great bootpack up to the subpeak and leg burning decents all the way to the bottom. Best of all- nobody had to take the train back into town after skiing off of North Bowl.

There are only a few things that are worth getting a late start skiing for - and one of them is a Canada vs USA game. I was so nervous I almost vomited. After we disposed of the States we headed up to Grizzly shoulder for some afternoon turns. We managed a lap and a half in a few hours - including time spent waiting for James. It was good to run into Mike Conlon who gave us some tips for the next few days.

That night we went and saw an even more prestigious hockey game live - the Revelstoke Grizzlies who had lost 27 of 28 games were playing their last game of the season against the Sicamous Eagles. The place was pretty much filled with drunk Australian lifties who treated the referees with the utmost respect. The grizzlies pulled out a come from behind victory in the the third period and the  place went nuts. If there is a Grizzlies game when you visit Revelstoke - do not miss it - I cannot recommend it more.

The next morning Cam met us up at Rogers Pass from Calgary and we hit up McGill shoulder, we skinned in along the summer trail - next time would I recommend going right up the shoulder from the lot. We did two laps and found our best turns on skiers right of the main avalanche paths and coming down to our skin track in right across from the prominent slide path on Mt Fidelity. There was still some major snow settling on the ridge tops. Great Sushi that night, thanks Greg for picking up the tab it was very generous.

Our final day we watch Canada dominate the Sweedes and bring home the decided to head into the Monashees for some great turns in some trees. The powder was light and fluffy and the sun came out. These are the conditions that you battle weeks of sun and wind slab to get to, definitely one of my top five days in the past nine years of backcountry skiing.

Thanks for the great trip fellas.

The now abandoned Glacier Park Lodge at Rogers Pass

James happy to back skiining on Mountains rather than the Bruce Trail. 
This is actually what people in Revelstoke look like

He didn't mean to. 

Thug life really
Back along the transcanada to the car

The classiest bar in the west. Some of my most favourite times are having beers in parking lots after a day outside. 
Go Canada Go - 4am 
Eleven years later and the three on the left are sill ugly. 
Albeit not ugly skiers

That is a powereful turn

Long drive back

See you next time Revy

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