Saturday, March 1, 2014

Snowzone....Kind of

Got out to the Duffy with a good crew of Squamolians on a chilly Saturday - we headed to 'Snow Zone' pretty much as far east as you can go on the Duffy Lake rd for skiing. Started up the Blowdown Creek FSR in the cold, had our heads down going so quickly that we missed the turn off the first time. Easy skinning up to the end of the FSR at which point we headed a little too high to cross the large avalanche path where I felt like I was a mouse trapped by a whole bunch of thick alders. We traversed the burn and ended up above the col on the ridght side. We decided to keep going higher up the ridge as the skiing was probably not going to be very good in the alpine and a bit sketchy avalanche wise. The snowpack was very thin and sugary in the area but it could certainly be a spot  to return to on a good snow year. Found a highpoint on the ridge and then skied back down through the trees. Good skiercross course on the way out I can't remember but I probably beat Eric, just like on a bike.
The old close you eyes, point and, go that way navigation trick

He wore his nice clothes because he thought he might be in a movie

Would be a sweet little area with different snow conditions
Three gentlemen on a ridge

Footrests got some of their first use on the way back...perhaps more designed for a shorter race

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