Thursday, May 22, 2014

This is a baby blog now

Ok how can I resist one post - Arlo Cameron Norman at a whopping 8lbs 12oz showed up after 24 hours of labour. Sarah was a champ and i'm a very proud father. Arlo hopefully you will read this blog someday and see how fun your father used to be.

Yes Arlo, welcome to the outside world - life is difficult

Uncle Cam (1 of 2)

More non-Sylvester influence

First Cheek Smush

Mags was quite curious, now shes mostly jealous

Big and deceivingly happy family
Dont touch my child

Bread Baby and Real Baby

Wonderful Midwife Beth

Mom, Grandma, Arlo and Mags out for a walk on the street

There are more germs on these people's hands pre diaper change than after

Try to contain your excitement Mark


I know Grammy puts me to sleep too

Maternity leave has its perks

First Diaper change in the woods

Helping out w some bike work
Unlce Greg is a trouble maker

Where did that baby go?

Add caption

heeeyyy buddy

Grandpa explaining to him about how he re did the dock at the cottage

Hitting on women (probably farting)

He is a season pass holder

Sea to Sky Gondola - Squamish's new addition

"I'm not sure I like the direction this team is going"

Big boy driving the big van

HAppy boy

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