Saturday, June 14, 2014

CFFOV in Squamish

This is not really my adventure but rather one of my mother's. All of my spirit of exploration I get from my parents, they spent many days when I was a teenager at the cottage exploring the back-roads of northern Ontario. My mother last flew CFFOV across the country in 1992 when she flew from Ontario to Alaska I remember crying on the dock at the cottage when she arrived back and then had to leave again to drop her copilot off in Toronto.  This time Squamish was the final destination, It took her three days to fly across the country with my Uncle Alan in good weather (except for a bit of a headwind). When she was here we went for a number of flights around Squamish along with one up to Desolation Sound and one over the mountains through the Salmon Inlet over to Howe Sound, flying along the back of the Tantalus range was truly awe inspiring.

Above Woodfibre

Howe Sound

Hornby Island
Coming out of Desolation Sound

Not too interested in his first flight

THe Cheif and Goat Ridge

Home sweet home Squamish

The back of the Tantalus Range
Some neat melt lines on the Snow

This is what mother really came to do!

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