Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lorna Lake Drop - Chilcotin Mountian Biking

I went to the Chilcotins in 2010 and vowed that this would be a place to return to year after year. It is amazing how life seems to get in the way of these sort of trips and it took 4 years to return. This really is a mountain bikers playground with miles of scenic fun single track to enjoy.

Day 1 - Float Plane Drop to Lorna Lake - Big Creek to Elbow Pass - Tyaughton Creek - Spruce Lake (gear dropped here by plane) (5-6 hoursih)
Day 2 - 
Group 1 - High Trail to Windy Pass - Spruce Peak Ridge Ride - High Trail back to Spruce Lake (6 hours ish)
Group 2 - Tyaughton Creek  to Deer Pass - Trigger Lake - Hummingbird Lake - Spruce Lake (8 hours ish)
Day 3 - Gun Creek Trail - Tyax Lodge Patio ( 3 hours ish)

The weather was perfect - warm days and cool nights, no bugs and a great crew to ride with. The food was fantastic - from steaks to BLTs to the unburnable Yun Pup to dinosaur egg oatmeal. A lucky floatplane rescue of another group at Lorna Lake reminded us of how remote some of this area is. 

Ride Fast - Take Chances
Ron charging through Big Creek 
The Robertson Conquerors

Pack as light as possible - but don't forget the chairs
The tropical paradise of Lorna Lake  (photo cred Robertson Camera)
Thanks Pierre for the smooth but exciting landing 
Wonderful alpine single track made us feel great about missing the first turn of the trip
At this point Ron had already taken 100 pictures. 
Elbow Pass
"This is sooooo much better than Lorna Pass"
"Gee I hope their are some South African delicacies waiting for us at the campground" (photo credit Gosney)
Does anyone have an extra Ibis derailleur hanger?
Just when we didn't think that day one could be topped
My favourite - we saw a group of mountain goats on the ridge photo left. 

This was the only place we got out of the saddle the whole climb

Its not difficult to see which Robertson is the soft brother.

Its amazing that Ryan was able to make it up this high to the rarefied air of Spruce Peak  with only 15% lung capacity. Bravo Sir! Bravo! Fanny packs are in. 
Approaching the height of land
Amazing ridge ride
Love this shot, the dust reminds me of snow spraying up behind a skier
Feeling a few pounds lighter than the way up
Spruce Lake
The classic Chilcotin shot, day 3 decent through gun creek meadows
Everyone else managed to do their fly up and pack a shirt that covered their stomachs

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