Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Asulkan Cabin Rememberance Day

This trip a few years ago ranks as having some of the deepest snow that I have ever skied. I missed 2012 and they trip got cancelled in 2013 due to lack of snow. This year we had very few expectations due to the fact that it rained up to 3000m two days before and there really wasn't much snow at 1700m in the Revelstoke Mtn webcam.

We arrived on friday night in Revy at the Powder Springs Motel ($65/ night in shoulder season). Its attached to The Last Drop a pub I've been to a number of times but never for my first drink. We went directly to the pub around 11:30 and finished off a bunch of Pints of Mt Begbie Brewing's Nasty Habit IPA (delicious). The place was packed - reminded me of frosh week at Queen's - apparently all of the lifties had just shown up and still had money to spend at the bar.