Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Spiteful Lake Before Work

I felt as though I wasted away my day off this week so I wanted to get out and take full advantage of the day before work so I got in touch with my friend Mitch and we were off for an adventure.  The BCMC has done some excellent trail work in this area and deserve a lot of credit. I was in a bit of a time crunch with a 1:45pm departure time to the city so we brought our bikes to make the logging road approach a lot shorter. After making our way up the power project logging roads we parked and got on the bikes at 815m. The first km or so was quite steep but still mostly bikeable. We reached about 1100m and the road flattened out and became quite good for biking. We stashed the bikes a bit early during a think part of the road, next time we would push through this as the wheels would be beneficial right until the trail turn off. The trail (not evident everywhere but flagged the whole way) heads left and down off the logging road  (look closely for flagging) through some marshy areas and along the creek. It is quite scenic the whole way with minimal elevation gain until the end. Took us 1.5 hours up and 1.25 down (would be more without bikes).
Next time I will go to Home Depot and maybe London Drugs for a camera, car insurance and maybe some toilet paper. 

Mitch eventually figured out that here he was using the bike incorrectly. Mags was off socializing with dead birds. 

Who is the asshole who put crest toothpaste in the lake?

Tantalus Range and an interesting burn on the way back down. 


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  3. What adventure is this? Lake name? Logging road name for access? Thanks :)