Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Downtown Creek Hike with Mountain Mags

I had been eyeing this area for awhile now but the long drive had always pushed me away. With 22 degrees and sun forecast in Squamish for late September, Mags told me that she wanted to go to the mountains and I was not one to deny her. After a stop at Mt Currie Coffee Co  we headed up the Duffy Lake road gazing at ski lines as we drove and dreams of winter starting dancing in my head.  Just past the cottonwood creek campground we turned up the Downtown Creek FSR that would take us up to our 1700m parking spot for the holy lake trail. Most of the drive up the FSR is straight forward however it is steep at times and one area where it drops off quickly to one side. I would not want a 2wd car on this road. There is only one right turn that you have to look out for (we missed it the first time and started hiking up the wrong valley that was to be saved for another day). Another wonderful day in the Mountains!
Once described as a Majestic Animal, once described as the animal that sheds in my car

This photo was captured on Take 1
The Downtown Creek Valley, we came from directly below the lower lake

You are making me go up where?!

Summit Shot
"I'd like to take a nap please"

Nice sweating

Could have just taken in the views from the parking lot

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