Sunday, September 6, 2015

Just Like the Sound of Music

We have been very lucky that King Arlo has allowed to take him on some great hikes in the first year and a half of his life. (Brohm RidgeEastern Sierra, Etc) but as the months have gone by he has become less and less interested in riding in his backpack and more interested in finding garbage to eat and dog poo to squish between his fingers. I've always wanted to take him on an overnight and with this summer coming to an end and him getting big, the time was now!
That is a big and cold kiddie pool Arlo

We had a lot of stuff, especially with the Wilson's joining us from Victoria so we chose somewhere close by with easy access to the alpine. Much to my chagrin we sold the Delica last year and replaced it with a Nissan Xterra for some enhanced reliability and offroad prowess- this would be a good test for the new rig. We parked at km 14 of the FSR, crossed a big draingage ditch  as we were instructed and started the trudge up the road. The road was STEEP and we quickly realized that with expidition sized packs on both our front and back that this was not going to be the walk in the park that we had hoped. After about an hour of sluggishly moving up the road with an emergency trip back to the car to collect the camera and 'Big Brown Bear' we were all starting to get a bit discouraged - this was only supposed to be a half hour hike! (Turns out that the trip report neglected to mention the 2 hour hike on the undriveable road before you got to the trailhead) Then, I thought I was delirious when in the middle of one of our breaks I saw two trucks making their way down the road. How did they get by the monster cross ditch?!  I flagged the drivers down and had a chat and it turned out that because of the size of the ditch a truck could actually drive right into it and get out without much of a problem. When you buy a vehicle that is built for this type of thing, you relish the chance to use it, so I sprinted back down the hill to grab the Xterra. The going was pretty rough getting up the road but low and behold it wasn't nearly as bad as it looked. I picked everyone up and we made it to the trailhead without any more hardships.

The trail itself was perfect, not to steep and meandered through the subalpine forest and meadows. I think that the cool mountain air shocked the kids into being well behaved, as they didn't make a peep. As we approached the final headwall, we decided to drop our 2nd packs and make a return trip from them. The final push was a little more difficult than the rest of the trail as there was a bit more of an incline and crosssed over a small boulder field but nothing that we coulnd't manage. There was one othere group just leaving the lake when we arrived, we were going to have the place to ourselves on the sunday of a long weekend!

The end of trip #2 - we had a lot of stuff

Just before an Alpine faceplant

One of us if hot from carrying things, the other one is overusing the 4 months pregnant excuse

Thanks for scowling Malcom

Dinner time was a happy time

Make shift wrestling ring

Contemplating whether he should throw a rock at Arlo

Comfortable Ladies?

The sun was quickly setting and there was a stiff breeze that added a bit of concern about the little ones being cold but they really didnt seem to mind. The rocky terrain also added a bit of excitement to faceplants. We set up the tent and Arlo was in awe....what was this new fort that we had made for him? He spent quite a bit of time trying put his face through the screen door on the tent and pull the strings used to hang dry clothes down from the roof. We made a fire and dinner time almost resembled a pleasent experience with Arlo and Malcom playing in a mud pit. Mag's started hunting mice and digging holes to sleep in and would probably still be doing so had we not interupted her. After dinner we decided it was time to put the little ones to sleep and then reconvene for a few drinks. This is when things took a turn for the worse, the night went in a bit of a cycle; Malcom would cry and wake up Arlo, Arlo would cry and wake up Wes and so on and so on. When Arlo was not crying he would spend his night swinging his bunndy back and forth and hitting us in the face. Morning finally came and the kids acted like the little shits they were all night. There was some gorgeous morning light and mist and the lake was perfect for swimming. What a wonderful trip with some great friends.

Good morning Sarah!

It was a bit of a roller coaster of emotion

The oatmeal wasn't thaaaaat bad Arlo

Good Boy

Bad boy

The majestic mutt herself

Once again....we had a lot of stuff

This was the happiest the kids were all weekend

Playing in the ditch by the side of the road while Daddy fixed a flat

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