Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mamquam Stand Up Paddle Board

Sarah and I decided that we needed another way to get out on the water so we pickup up an inflatable SUP in the spring. It has been fantastic (although not great upwind). Murray came up from the city and we decided to give the Mamquam River a a try. We shuttled a car to our take out just before the Squamish Spit and drove to our put in at the Mamquam River whitewater site. Neither of us had ever SUP'd on moving water before so we were a little cautious to begin with, not to mentioned decked out in biking and skateboarding helmets and pads. The water level we really low after a little rain and a hot summer, we both took the big fins off of our boards and replaced them with smallest that we could - it turned out that this was a good idea as the biggest risk was the board suddenly stopping when it hit a rock and us flying off the front. Balancing on the boards was actually easier than expected by the end of the river we were standing up for almost all of the rapids. Probably the most incredible part of the trip was the Salmon, before Ring Creek joined the river it is incredibly clear and they swam in schools just like in a National Geographic film. By the end, the river was starting to get a bit stinky, this may not have been as enjoyable of a trip in a few weeks! The lower Squamish River is a bit of a battle to paddle along as the inflow winds battle the current making quick travel difficult.
Anyone have a rod?
This one was too lazy to swim away from my camera

Looking good is half the battle

A SUP fin catching good time

Here fishy fishy fishy

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