Thursday, October 1, 2015

Up Up and Away and the Sproatt Alpine Bike Trail

The RMOW and WORCA are working on a wonderful project for the Sproatt Alpine across the valley from Whistler, it is not yet complete but we wanted to go and take a look. Mid week adventures are becoming more common with a few friends with some flexibility in their schedule and young Arlo safely in daycare. We shuttled a car up to the Callahagn access point of the trail which is the same way that Canadian Wilderness Adventures  uses to access the alpine for their snowmobile, jeep and ATV tours. It takes about 35 minutes on the logging road to get to the parking spot after which there is another 30 minutes of steep pedalling and hike a bike until you get into the alpine. The alpine trail is going to be fantastic, twisting and turnining amongst the alpine meadows at a gradual grade that is perfect for biking. It looks very will built and is elevated above the grade so it will not be too muddy in the spring. The trail is not yet complete and ends fairly abruptly before you have to make your way on older but completely ride able single track to the start of the Up Up and Away trail that is the current descent option. This trail is steep, loose and eroded (it would be extremely difficult to stay on your bike in the wet). WORCA has plans for a blue descent trail in the area at some point in time but for now this is the only option. The trail spits you out just above Function Junction where a beer at the brewpub would be an excellent idea. Thanks Jake for the Photos.

Mags and some Men - Whistler in the background
A bit of a trek to the Callahagn Trailhead
Brendan downhill
This thing eats logging roads