Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Birken Awesome

A good start to winter on the Coast is just what we needed, Wednesday me Greg, Cam and Mags headed out to the Birkenhead area in hopes to find some snow that was spared Tuesday's monster outflow winds. The major problem with skiing in the Birkenhead Area are the long approaches and lack of plowed roads to a good starting elevation. Luckily early season you can make it pretty high on some of the logging roads (getting up is the easy part). The snow really was fantastic, consistent and very light shin deep powder. 
Short days make for some great light in the alpine - looking good here Cam

Drove w the chains to 1250m with about 20cm of fresh snow on the road. Earlier in the season we could probably get even higher. 
He is happy because the 700m elevation gain skin on the logging road  is done, and because he gets to spend the day with me. 

Style doesn't matter in the mountains, but if it did....
Mag's and Greg looking around the corner for their dignity 
They didn't find it
They did find a lovely spot for lunch
The important thing to remember when photographing Cam skiing is to not zoom in to closely.
Greg made me put this one in. I would have preferred another one of the dog.
Mags getting some face shots. 
Some great turns on some WNW facing aspects. 

Last run down, mags got a little cold

Returning to the car just as the sun was setting. Drive down was way worse than the way up.