Saturday, January 2, 2016

Duffey's Delight

Its not often that good snow, sunshine and stability all line up, so when it does its time to take advantage. A great crew headed up to the Duffy for some holiday cheer. A steep climb right off the road brought us up to 1850m in about 1.5 hours. It was cold at the car but actually warmed a bit as we climbed. A few of the fellas had some issues with skins slipping on the techy up track but all in all it was impressive for a group of seven to make it up with no real delay cards. There was another party at the top who had some sudden results (CTM5) on a compression test on the E facing slope that we were about to ski so we moved a little further down the ridge to something a less committing. We did two laps on the E facing slopes with great snow then 1.5 laps on the west down 'Cheques in the Mail' before skiing out to the highway along the Keith's Hut Access. Chilly beers at the highway capped off a great day in the mountains. 
This was one of my favourite runs of the year, so good that some of us went back for more. 
Heaven is shinning down on us. 

Eaamon's beard makes me feel like a little girl, Eric makes me feel better though. 
Pom Pom Man
Eric calm down
Reimer must have a bird on his helmet or something.