Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jim Habrel Hut with every Tom's Dick and Barry

Fourteen backcountry skiers from Ontario armed with years of stories went to celebrate Tom's last ski days as a single man, hopefully not last ski days ever. The Jim Habrel hut is located at 2030m on the Serratus - Dionne col about a 6 minute helicopter ride from the Squamish airport, it is a simply spectacular location. This amazing alpine setting makes good weather a necessity when visiting this hut, the surrounding terrain is almost entirely glaciated and travel in whiteout conditions would be almost impossible. We very lucky to be graced with great, almost tshirt weather for our three days up there aside from a bit of a SW wind on day one. On that first day the mountains were alive as we watch cornice drop after cornice drop start slides on all aspects 'summer was winning'. Many thanks to the organizers of this wonderful trip. 

Gentlemen of an extraordinary pedigree

One of three Bomber Brewing kegs that kept us well lubricated for the weekend. 

We moguled the slope on the left. 
Twister twister spread followed. 
The man of honour brought his lawyer to help him BBQ asparagus 
deck time
He was supposed to be squatting
 Your NDP leadership candidate from Ottawa Centre
As it often is in the spring, the key to finding good snow was to follow the sun, S and E facing slopes in the morning, W and N facing slopes in the early afternoon. By late afternoon the E and N facing slopes started to harden up again and the S and W slopes became to sloppy to ski a all. The route to the Alpha - Serratus col involved a long bootpack on N facing slopes a little earlier than the optimal time and by the time we got to the W ridge of Alpha, the snow had turned isothermal and wasn't safe to climb. Ice axes were a man's best friend on this trip, we had a few fellas slide down some pretty icy sloes and get a bit scraped up, luckily with no exposure.
Why wear your skis on your feet when you can carry them on your back
The Serratus - ALpha col. These guys are smiling because they were about to hide my gloves about 50m up the next bootpack. No Tom this would not be a good place fro BC's third biggest mall. 

Just one so that I don't forget that I was there. 
A proud pole plant by Ian
Eamon thinking about  his hipster sandwich bag that he heard about before Oprah did. 
Sechelt INlet

This is actually a lot more clothing than he was wearing twenty minutes earlier. 

this is the peak of Tom's jump
Open concept modern living. 
The 9:1 pulley ratio that moved the shit bucket. Don't use the square shaped shovel for water. 

Getting ready to rappel into a picnic area
Attention photo left

Gabe with Alpha looking on
Too good to be Tom


A different type of Home Opener - the helicopter ride was a bit of a barrier to attendance records

Tom pausing for one last interview about his relationship with Erica's cat. 
I believe this is called Champlain Lookout