Saturday, September 17, 2016

Seton Ridge Bike

A quick two day trip to BC's Little Nugget to escape the rain in Squamish. The first day was spent doing a few laps of the Della Downhill and the 2nd day was back along the Duffy Lake Road on Seton ridge. Its a full on hike a bike for 2-3 hours to get to the alpine but once you are up there its great times. A night out in town was a perfect reprieve and made us forget all about plans of going to the Chilcotins. With the newly formed LOCA (Lillooet Offroad Cycling Association) look for more good things on the dry side of the Coast Mountains.

Day one on Della

This being Garret's first trip with us, he doesn't quite get that waving isn't cool, Brendan has it figured out though.
Some call this a glacier, others call it a pile of dirt

A flick of his head and his golden locks go flowing over his shoulders
Don't worry G, i'm sure an improperly functioning front brake on the 1300m decent will wake you up. 
Like a female Giraffe, galloping through the meadows
The Irish Leopard Seal is rare and ferocious
Just think how good the next photo would have been had he made it all the way up without getting off. 

The fitness, dedication and focus needed for this trip are nothing to laugh at.
7mesh chose the wrong model. Sorry Eric Goodwin
Three little pigs
That isn't nearly close enough to the edge for a good photo you wimp


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